General Body Piercing:

Gently soak your piercing once a day in a warm saline solution* for 5-10 minutes to soothe the piercing. Also thoroughly clean your piercing with a mild, antimicrobial soap** and water lather once a day. Gently clean around and up to the piercing, but never pull or pick at the piercing site. Use sterile bandage/dressings if necessary.

* ¼ tsp non-iodinized sea salt dissolved in 8 oz of warm water
**such as Provon, Satin, or original Liquid Dial Antibacterial

Oral Piercing:

Thoroughly rinse your mouth twice a day with an alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash* especially concentrating around the piercing itself. After eating or drinking always rinse your mouth with cool, clean water. Warm saline rinses can also soothe and comfort your piercing. The proper mixture to make your own saline is listed above.

*such as Tech2000, Biotene, or Rembrandt, or Crest Pro-Health

Your piercer is always available to answer any questions concerning your piercing and/or the care of it.