Providing a safe, sterile environment is extremely important to us. Single-use needles are used, and you should never, ever allow someone to pierce you or anyone you know with a Stud (Piercing) Gun. The absolute only way you may certify the safety (sterility) of something that has been in contact with blood or other bodily fluids is to use an autoclave. Stud Guns, as most of you probably remember, are plastic and therefore may not be run through an autoclave, even if their operators had access to such equipment, which they do not. Hepatitis, we now know, is able to live on a surface for months at a time. How many piercings do you think the mall clerk might do in just one day? And we have not even begun to mention the tissue damage the gun does, or the absolutely poor quality and sizing of most ear studs. Moral of the story? No Stud Guns. Ever.

Our sterilization records are thorough and extensive. Each piece of jewelry, needle, or tool that we use has been individually packaged with a sterilization indicator strip. Each batch also contains an individually packaged Steam Integrator. These procedures are to ensure the safety of our studio, its clients, and artists.

All surfaces including the exam table you find yourself on and the mayo stand where our equipment is set up, are cleaned with CaviCide between every client. Additionally, we take special care to have the highest standards in aseptic technique. This means that we are very focused on absolutely never cross-contaminating.