The history of tattooing ranges over the entire planet and thousands of years. Much has changed in this time, especially in the 20 most recent years. The quality of inks, precision of electric tattoo machines, and understanding of many technical aspects of the field have made tremendous leaps and bounds.

There are two types of tattoo shops, Flash and Custom. Flash shops are the far more common of the two, and therefore what the average person is accustomed to. They have sheets of “flash”, or pre-drawn tattoo designs, that are perused through and chosen from. In a custom studio, however, no two tattoos are alike. Each tattoo is drawn up from the original sketch to the final drawing by the artist of your choosing. Buddha Box is a 100% custom studio.

It is VERY important that you view the professional portfolio of any tattooer you are considering. Remember that a portfolio consists of the tattoos the artist believes best represent their skill and style. If you aren't amply impressed, keep looking! Not every style is for every person, and just because someone can tattoo does not mean they are a consistent, quality tattooer. Tattoos are painful and permanent, so we very much hope you give your choice the thought it deserves.

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Tattoos at Buddha Box

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