We welcome you to our studio. Every member of our staff is dedicated to consistently providing quality services and products to every one of our clients.

Our Body Piercers are professionally trained, and use only implant-grade jewelry. Our Tattooers are custom artists who have also been professionally trained in their craft. ALL persons working at Buddha Box have extensive sterilization and aseptic technique training, and are Bloodborne Pathogen certified in the state of Texas.

We know that your safety, as well as the safety of our employees, comes first. We also believe that every piece of art that walks out of our door is a direct reflection on our studio and artists. That means when you modify yourself at Buddha Box, you can be certain that we will take care before, during, and after your visit to ensure your overall happiness. The best business is return business, and we very much believe that!

“...modifying your body...to reflect your soul...”



Buddha Box Tattoos and Piercing