Piercing & Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Do not try to peel off the bandage over your new tattoo. Run warm water over the bandaging and allow it to slowly slide off. Your tattoo should be cleaned at least twice a day with a warm water lather of antimicrobial soap. We suggest using Provon, though liquid Dial, or any other mild, dye-free, perfume-free antibacterial will suffice. Do not use a washcloth or other abrasive tool, as your hands work best and will be much less uncomfortable for you during the healing process.

For the first 48 hours, it is especially important that your tattoo is clean and free of blood, plasma, and ink. If left on the skin, this may cause scabbing which is not only uncomfortable, but can adversely affect the healing process.

After the first 48 hours, you must ensure that your tattoo does not dry out. We suggest using Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Do not use other ointments, as many of them can cause complications such as allergic reactions. Gently rub ointment onto the entire tattoo. You need only a very minimal application to do the trick, and should avoid clogged pores and other complications by not over-applying. After the application, gently blot the entire area with a paper towel to remove any excess ointment.

After the first week, you may discontinue use of Aquaphor, and begin using Curel lotion to moisturize your tattoo.

Oral Piercing Aftercare

Thoroughly rinse your mouth twice a day with an alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash* especially concentrating around the piercing itself. After eating or drinking always rinse your mouth with cool, clean water. Warm saline rinses can also soothe and comfort your piercing. The proper mixture to make your own saline is listed below, under "Body Piercing Aftercare".

*such as Tech2000, Biotene, Rembrandt, or Crest Pro-Health

Body Piercing Aftercare

Gently soak your piercing once a day in a warm saline solution* for 5-10 minutes to soothe the piercing. Also thoroughly clean your piercing with a mild, antimicrobial soap** and water lather once a day. Gently clean around and up to the piercing, but never pull or pick at the piercing site. Use sterile bandage/dressings if necessary.

* ¼ tsp non-iodinized sea salt dissolved in 8 oz of warm water
**such as Provon, Satin, or original Liquid Dial Antibacterial

We are here to help!

We have all had clients who we found out, well after the fact, had issues during the healing process. The vast majority of the time any issues you may experience are common and easily adjusted for. Please do not hesitate to call or come by the studio if you have any questions or concerns during the healing process. Let our expertise help ensure your healed piercing or tattoo is exactly what you wanted.